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The ultimate destination for all ages. The “have it all” Cyclades islands are the popular destination for all ages where anything can happen. Combine relaxation with beating nightlife, tranquility with busy beaches and secluded bays with non stop partying. The ideal choice for intermediate sailing crews!

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Nearest Airport: JMK – Mykonos, JTR – Santorini

Departure Area: Mykonos Port / Paros Port

Check In Time: Saturdays at 17.00

Check Out Time: Saturdays at 09.00

Duration of Trip: Seven (7) Days

Price: from €1.300 per week

Yacht Type: Sailing Yachts

Bareboat or Skippered: Both


One of the most popular destinations. An island with some of the most beautiful beaches of Cyclades but also the beating heart of all the summer action in the area. Mykonos is the well known destination for those who want to have a loud time, mingle with local and foreign celebrities and enjoy the traditional architecture and culture of Cyclades. The “island of winds” as it is called can offer exciting sailing experiences and unforgettable summer holidays! What happens in Mykonos stays in Mykonos!


Another popular island for all ages, Paros can combine it all. It’s as much a family destination with its shallow bays, a faith destination for the 5th century AD church of Ekatontapyliani, as it is an entertainment destination for the young to enjoy the island’s vibrant beach clubs and night clubs. It also is one of the major windsurfing destinations in Greece due to the “Meltemi” wind which attracts windsurfers but also adventurous sailing addicts!


The largest island of the Cyclades, Naxos has many hidden gems. With its endless sandy beaches, the cedar forests in the south, Venetian castle and towers, byzantine churches, and archaeological sites there is much to see and do here. A historical hub with various archaeological findings than can educate the young the island is also known for it’s beautiful traditional villages to enjoy walks and local tastes!


The island on the rock with the breathtaking views of the sunset, Santorini needs no advertising. You can never have enough of it’s mesmerizing views of the red and brown layers of volcanic ash that make up its famous cliffs. An iconic destination, famous worldwide for it’s colored beaches and the lifetime experience of having a swim over a dormant volcano!


Ios is considered as the Mykonos without the jet set. An endless party island with the most churches in the Cyclades. Endless beaches with bars and restaurants, a beautiful safe port for docking and a wild nightlife, Ios is the ideal destination for partying your heart out!

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